Is Hunting Beneficial to the environment


Is Hunting Beneficial to the environment ‘Introduction’

Is hunting beneficial to the environment--the answer lies on who you ask.
Lots of people say that hunting is just natural because most animal species have been a predator or prey at some point in the evolution of animal. Another person may says that hunting is a natural way to cull the animals of prey who now reproduce beyond the earth’s carrying capacity.
Then you will find that the environmental plus the animal advocates see hunting as just barbaric, saying that it is really wrong to kill animals for any reasons unless the animal is sick or other such condition. Lots of people says that hunting causes great harm and suffering to the wild animals and it is cruel and harmful for hunters to kill for the pleasure. Lots of hunters says that hunting does keep the wildlife populations in balance and the hunters fees are used in many different ways to help the environment.

I do believe that killing animals unnecessary is a moral issue. Others believe that hunting is just not good. The Humane Society of the US (HSUS), says that most hunted species – such as rodents, fox, squirrels, skunks, waterfowl, some birds, and raccoons – “provide minimal sustenance and do not require population control.”

Some people do believe that hunting could be morally justifiable while others say it may not be. While hunting which could be designed to secure the combination welfare of the target species, plus the integrity of its ecosystem and maybe both. The Author Gary E. Varnet in his book, In Nature’s Interest’, says ‘therapeutic hunting’ is defensible, while subsistence and sport hunting – both of which only benefit human being, is not.

It should be noted that fewer Americans hunt today than in our recent history. About 5% of our population, Americans, call themselves hunters. This is down from 9% in 2001 and 15% IN 1996.

Is hunting Beneficial to the Environment Summation

It appears that a great number of Americans do support hunting today and lots support individuals having guns. So, the question remains, ‘Is Hunting Beneficial to the Environment’.



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